Why 1300 and 1800 Numbers are Essential for Businesses

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shutterstock_48314071A 1300 or 1800 number is an essential tool for any business that provides services to more than one location, as it has a number of distinct benefits associated with it.

What is a 1300 or 1800 number?

A 1300 number is a number that customers can call your business on from any fixed line anywhere in Australia for a flat fee, usually the price of a local call. A 1800 number is the same, except the call is completely free. Callers to these numbers using mobile phones will pay more, depending on their service provider.

How does it work?

A business with a 1300 number pays a monthly service fee and a price per minute for each call received. A business with a 1800 number will also pay a monthly service fee and price per call, but these charges will be slightly higher than 1300 numbers, because the calls are free for the person calling.

What are the benefits?

Both 1300 and 1800 numbers have real advantages for business, particularly for small businesses, and include the following:

  • Memorability – These numbers are easier to remember than normal phone numbers (as much as eight times easier), because there are only six digits to remember after the 1300, compared with eight digits in a normal phone number.
  • Portability – These numbers can be retained by the business for as long as they continue paying for them, and can go with the business wherever it moves in Australia. This is vital for customer retention and for maintaining a consistent public profile.
  • Credibility – Because these numbers were only used by large, well-established businesses in the past, the public perception is still that they are used by large organisations, despite the fact that any business can now use them. This means these numbers have built-in credibility, which can be particularly beneficial for small businesses.
  • Reach – 1300 and 1800  numbers allow customers to call from anywhere in Australia, which means a business can use them in advertising campaigns to attract a nationwide audience, rather than just those in the local area.
  • Popularity – Surveys have shown that consumers are more likely to respond to campaigns featuring a low cost or free telephone number than to those with a normal phone number.
  • Features – Depending on your phone carrier, these numbers can have a range of additional features including call routing, fax to email, call recording, click-to-call, live answering and call tracking and monitoring capabilities.

All in all, 1300 and 1800 numbers are a great way to improve your image, widen your reach and encourage more customers to buy from you, and they represent an excellent return on investment, particularly for small to medium enterprises.

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