VoIP can Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

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Improving business efficiency is about finding faster, better and cheaper ways to do things in the workplace and VoIP telephony holds the key to all three.


A VoIP phone system is not like the cumbersome landline systems it is rapidly replacing. A VoIP phone system is faster to install and set up, because with a hosted VoIP provider there’s no need for costly hardware such as a PBX. All you usually need are some VoIP phones and an Internet connection.

A VoIP phone system is also faster to change and update. Whereas previously if you took on more staff or opened a new branch you would be faced with the time and expense of having new phone lines installed by the phone company, VoIP phone lines can be added almost instantly and at very low cost.

Changing your VoIP options is also much faster and easier, as most VoIP service providers offer customers access and control of their settings via a web-based interface.


A VoIP phone system also improves efficiency by providing a better range of call features and options than traditional analogue systems. Where once you would have had to pay through the nose for additional call features, they are now available as standard or for a small additional fee from your VoIP service provider.

Features such as voicemail, call waiting, find-me-follow-me call rerouting, simultaneous ringing, speed dialling and three-way calling can all improve the efficiency with which your staff handle phone calls, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the revenue-raising aspects of your business.


A VoIP phone system not only improves productivity, but it saves a business money as well. In fact, the savings that can be made on call costs are the main reason businesses switch to VoIP in the first place.

Rather than paying by the minute for your calls and paying exorbitant amounts for international calls, VoIP offers cheap untimed calls to anywhere. A typical plan from Engin, for example, offers 20 cent untimed international calls to 21 different countries. When you compare that to the PTSN per minute rates, VoIP comes out far ahead in terms of cost-effectiveness.

As can be seen, simply by changing your office phone system you can achieve huge efficiencies in the workplace, with the faster, better and cheaper communications offered by VoIP phone systems. If you haven’t looked into VoIP yet, have a look now. It could be the most efficient thing you do in your business today!

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