Top 5 Business Features in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was unveiled at IFA in early September, and will be officially released in late September or October 2014. The features on the latest generation model of the Galaxy Note 4 promises to turn this phablet into a business powerhouse, according to Business News Daily. We review five of the top features that make this smartphone a must-have for business users.

1. Screen

The massive 5.7-inch screen is the same size as that on the Note 3, but it comes with some improvements and upgrades. The screen on the Note 4 is a quad HD with super high resolution at 2560 x 1440 pixels, making it the same as LG G3’s screen. However, the Note 4 offers deeper, richer colours and better viewing angles, which makes its screen among the very best in all the smartphones currently available.

The large screen on the Note 4 is comfortable enough for heavy duty usage or business use, but it’s not so big as to compromise on mobility. You can view spreadsheets and other documents at length without straining your eyes.

2. Stylus

The Note 4 comes with an updated stylus – the S Pen – that can be stored in the in-built slot (as with previous generation models). When the stylus is pulled out, you can immediately start taking notes and drawing diagrams on the screen.

The Note 4, however, offers easier note-taking with its slimmer design and the more sensitive stylus. The Note 4’s stylus is twice as sensitive (as measured by pressure) as its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3.

The S Pen features a side button for activating the phone’s Air Command menu. This menu features buttons for starting four different note-taking apps, which are the Action Memo, Screen Write, Pen Window, and Smart Select. Action Memo is a standard notes app with handwriting-enabled features. Screen Write allows users to take screenshots and annotate the shot. Pen Window is a great app that allows users to draw a window and run an app inside the window, while Smart Select lets you circle to save on-screen selections.

3. Security features

The Note 4 brings something new to the product line: an inbuilt fingerprint scanner. The scanner presents a major security improvement for the phone, and it’s similar to the scanner on the Galaxy S5. Activate by sliding your fingertip over the home button to unlock.

The feature isn’t just a better security tool than PIN or passcode-based locks; it’s a time-saving feature because it takes just a second or two to activate. Through the scanner you can also access Private Mode, in which you can store private files.

The Note 4’s other security features include Knox Workspace, an app that lets users run apps in a secure profile that’s cordoned off from the rest of the phone. There is also a remote-data-wipe app.

4. Multitasking tools

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a range of multitasking options. The Multi Window allows you to run two apps simultaneously and work on them in split-screen mode. The Note 4 also features better support for floating apps, so you can run apps in windows that are layered over the main window you’re working in. There’s also an option to quickly reopen any apps in Multi Window mode, located in the recent apps menu.

5. Metal casing

The Galaxy Note 4’s premium brushed aluminium frame is a major improvement from the faux-metal casing of the earlier models. The body looks and feels more durable and professional, even though it does add a little bit of extra weight to the phone. The same faux-leather plastic back has been used again in the Note 4, but this grip-friendly design does make the phone easier to hold whether you’re making a call, taking notes with the S Pen, or tapping away on the screen with your fingers.

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