The Importance of Backing Up Your Computer on the Cloud

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As data usage grows, the need to back up and store that data grows with it. And where previously an external hard drive or handful of cds would have been adequate for the job, a larger storage option is now necessary. And that’s where cloud backup comes in.


Backing up your home computer is essential to ensure your valuable files and images are preserved. Cloud backup providers offer packages to suit any quantity of data, from just a few gigabytes to hundreds of gigs.

And because your precious data is stored remotely in the cloud, it’s always instantly recoverable if you have a local disaster, such as a house fire, flood or burglary. This is a vast improvement on traditional backup methods such as hard drives or cds, where the original and the backup were both stored in the home and would both be lost in the event of a disaster.


Backing up data is especially crucial for businesses. If all data is lost, a business ceases to function, so every business needs a backup system and a disaster recovery plan.

Tapes or dvds have traditionally been the backup medium for most businesses, with large corporations employing offsite security companies to store them in climate controlled vaults. Not only was this very expensive, but tapes were subject to deterioration and the disaster recovery process could take time, which meant money lost.

The cloud has removed this need for physical backups. Now all a business need do is set and forget, and their critical data is regularly backed up and stored digitally in the cloud.

Benefits of cloud backup

Whether it’s your personal computer or your company network, cloud backup offers several distinct advantages over traditional means.

  • Lower cost – Compared to the purchase and maintenance of tape backup systems, cloud backup is much cheaper as it is designed to integrate with your existing IT environment, meaning no expensive hardware is required.
  • Faster recovery – Cloud backup service providers give you access to your data from anywhere through an easy-to-use web-based interface, so data recovery is instant, compared with traditional methods which can take days.
  • Better security – Cloud backup is more secure than on-premise backups, as all data is encrypted during backup and storage, with decryption keys held only by the individual or business who owns the data.
  • Improved time management – Cloud backup is much simpler than traditional methods. This frees IT staff up from tedious backup duties and allows them to concentrate on other more productive tasks.
  • Safer storage – Because backup service providers employ multiple data centres, there is greater built-in redundancy and less chance of your data being lost due to server failure.

Whether you’re an individual wishing to preserve personal memories or a business needing to protect critical data, cloud backup is the most efficient, secure and cost-effective way to keep your data safe. And because it’s fully scalable, you can simply purchase more storage as you need it, allowing your backup system to grow along with you.

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