Telstra Opens New Technology Precinct in Flagship Sydney Office

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Telecommunications giant Telstra has transformed its George Street flagship office in Sydney into a high tech hub for technology. The office’s second floor is now 3600 square metres of pure technology, complete with a studio, theatre, restaurant, and plenty of cutting edge technology – including a robot.

Telstra has made clear its plans to dominate the local technology frontier, and its recent acquisitions of Pacnet and investment in Docusign are further evidence of this. The second floor space aims to be a showcase to demonstrate to customers how new innovations can impact their business and provide inspiration for new possibilities.

No expense has been spared on development of this precinct, and the gadgets installed are immediate proof of this. A 360 degree ‘Insight Ring’ is a nine metre interactive display that imparts digital insights.

Another room houses 14 screens, and the theatre boasts a huge 8.5 metre high definition screen. Hardware has not been forgotten, with a serious datacentre on the premises, boasting 35 racks with 25TB of storage, of which an impressive 8TB is dedicated to flash storage.

The restaurant showcases Telstra’s history in an environment suitably entertaining for Telstra’s customers. The food is prepared by Head Chef Lauren Murdoch, of Rockpool and Felix fame.

While it may appear that this is a technology wonderland, Telstra has engaged experts in collaboration, productivity, and insights to ensure that there is a very serious outcome from this project. The space has been designed with the aim of turning customer insights into business opportunities, and wanted to be noticed on the world stage when it came to global technology insights.

Telstra’s continuing investment in technology, connected works, and insights is testament to its long term belief that technology will be the key driver of the Australian economy in years to come.

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