Samsung Communications: a Trusted PBX Partner

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shutterstock_171878987Electronics giant Samsung is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing cutting-edge consumer electronics products. While products such as the Galaxy S5 smartphone have made Samsung a household name, Samsung is also a leader in the IP PBX market.

Samsung in Australia

Samsung Communications, through its Accredited National Partner Network, provides the best-in-class unified communications systems and IP-technology systems to small and medium enterprises as well as government departments across Australia.

Since 1989, the company has provided over 120,000 telephone systems to satisfied customers in Australia. The organisation is committed to innovation, value, reliability, and quality. Samsung has 93 accredited partners and continues to work with its local partners, including major carriers and business VoIP service providers, to deliver its products to clients.

The OfficeServ Range

Samsung’s OfficeServ Range is a next generation enterprise IP solution that provides organisations with convergence by enabling traditional voice communication as well as VoIP and IP based data communications. The system incorporates the latest breakthroughs in IP technology while the same standards for stability associated with traditional telephony systems.

Samsung Business Phone Communications

Every business needs a quality and reliable communication system. Unreliable, low-quality systems can lead to business disruptions that can result in lost clients and sales. Phone systems are in fact essential tools for any business, as they are the central communication channel for internal and external communications. Productivity, improved communication, client service – all of these elements depend directly on the quality and reliability of the phone system itself.

Samsung Communications works with major VoIP providers in Australia  – including Engin –  to ensure that every client receives the best phone systems. These systems offer quality, reliability, and a full range of telephony features to support any type of business.

Samsung Communications can provide office telephone systems for enterprises of all sizes to match the unique requirements of the business. Samsung’s telephony systems are designed to deliver reliability and effectiveness, and the latest systems utilise IP technology that allows the telephone system to be integrated into the company network.

Businesses can expect dramatic cost savings as they switch to VoIP with Samsung, even while they achieve better call quality. Additionally, Samsung’s systems are modular designs, which means scalability is possible no matter how fast the business grows.

Productivity features for small business phones

Samsung Communications is an established industry leader in many countries around the world. Its phone systems are suitable for small and medium enterprises, supporting these businesses in reaching new possibilities. For example, the OfficeServ range allows SMEs to access the same quality and range of features associated with large corporate systems.

Samsung Communication’s small business systems are designed for effortless set-up and installation. With every system installed comes Samsung’s reputation and guarantee of quality, which reflects standards not observed elsewhere in communications field. Samsung’s commitment to affordability means SME clients can purchase the OfficeServ system at a competitive price.

Samsung leads in converged communications

Samsung Communications’ IP PBX phone systems offer an unrivalled level of flexibility and communications, with a range of cutting-edge feature for VoIP connections. Through the OfficeServ range, Samsung has fully realised its convergence strategy. The OfficeServ Enterprise IP system offers features that transcend most business communications systems.

VoIP phone systems allow users to bypass the need for traditional cabling infrastructure. Simply use your IP phone to connect to the OfficeServ using your LAN/WAN network. The system supports additional features such as Unified Communications, advanced voicemail, video conferencing, and unified messaging. The OfficeServ IP system allows advanced wireless, voice, and data networking for up to 400 users.

With Samsung’s Proprietary IP Networking tool, phone systems can be linked across multiple sites, so organisations can easily set up a secure and seamless network that transcends geographical barriers. Branch workers, mobile workers, and other remote stuff can be easily added and connected.

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