Office Gadgets to Liven Up Your Desk

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For many people, the office is the place that we spend most of our lives. If we’re going to be sitting at a desk for the majority of the day, why not make some small additions to our workspaces and offices to make them a little more efficient, to add a personal touch, or even just to have a little more fun? These toys are perfect for the office techie and will surely impress everyone from your desk neighbour to your boss.

Desktop vacuum


A clear desk makes for a clear mind. Nobody likes to work in a messy environment, and your productivity and focus can be greatly improved from cleaning up a bit. And, of course, it’s more hygienic, too. This fun desk vacuum will be a hit and you may find yourself lending him out to colleagues.

USB coffee warmer


Coffee is important for productivity, but nobody likes a coffee turned cold after an unexpected interruption or a burst of intense emailing. This device plugs into a USB port and keeps your coffee warm so you can take your time enjoying it whilst you work.

USB desk fridge


On the other end of the spectrum, there are times when you’ll need a cold drink handy, making this desk fridge the perfect companion. Simply plug it into a USB port and let it keep your drink cool.

Zippi desk fan


During summer, a cold drink may not be enough to keep you cool, so a desk fan can be an extremely handy item. The Zippi fan is compact, quiet, and safe.

Posture alert device


Bad posture is a leading cause of back pain and office workers are at greater risk of this due to the extended periods of sitting. This device monitors your position and alerts you if you start to hunch.

Stand up desk


For those that need a little more help with their posture and back issues, a stand up desk may be just the solution. Transition from sitting to standing any time you like, without interrupting your work.

USB Greenhouse


Plants can make for a happier and more natural indoor environment. With this gadget, you can maintain your very own desk garden, providing an escape or simply a reminder of the outside world. It also includes a watering reminder.

Tiny beach


On the topic of gardens, zen gardens have been known to combat stress and this take on the concept could be perfect for a beach lover. Take a moment to play in the sand and de-stress.

Wireless charging mat


With so many devices in constant use, a wireless charger on your desk will ensure you are never without power again. Simply leave your compatible device on the mat when you’re at your desk and charging will be handled for you.

Basketball hoop


For those that are allowed to install games, the NERF basketball hoop is the perfect way to combat stress. Get your colleagues involved and use it for a bit of break time fun.

Laser keyboard


With all these new gadgets, you’ll need as much desk space as you can get. Rather than taking up space with a physical keyboard, why not impress your colleagues with this keyboard that projects onto your desk? The portable keyboard can easily be transported when you’re working from home, or taken with you on a business trip so you can use it with your mobile device whilst in the departures lounge. Best of all, if you spill your coffee, it won’t ruin your keyboard.

With so many toys and gadgets available, there is no reason you can’t make your office a place of productivity and fun. It’s important to take regular breaks to alleviate stress and allow the mind to refocus, so why not take advantage of this and invest in some fun toys as well as some truly productive office desk devices.

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