NBN Compatible Phone Systems for Small Business

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shutterstock_93039940VoIP offers small business a number of advantages over traditional landline phone systems. Not only are there potentially substantial cost savings involved, but a VoIP phone system also offers additional features, often at little or no charge, including caller ID, call redirection, instant messaging, conference calls, video calls and the ability to send and receive data files during a conversation.

And with the rollout of the NBN promising faster speeds and more consistent bandwidth (and thus better quality VoIP calls), now is the time for SMEs to be looking at the features their new NBN-compatible phone system should possess.

Important things to consider when choosing a hosted VoIP business phone system include:

  • The quality of your own network – this means making sure your existing network is sound, with only one DHCP router, switches that are in good order and computers that are operating at maximum efficiency.
  • The amount of bandwidth you have – your Internet connection must have sufficient bandwidth to comfortably handle simultaneous phone calls and the data traffic being generated by other applications and it needs to be a stable and consistent connection.
  • The quality of the connection to your VoIP provider – the more networks your connection must pass through to reach your VoIP provider’s switch, the greater the likelihood of latency, jitter and other call quality problems. Do a trace to see how many hops there are and how long it takes to travel through them all.
  • The level of service your VoIP provider offers – rather than choosing the lowest price, which often means the least amount of service, opt for a provider that charges a reasonable price, but offers all the features that your business needs. Their website is often a good indication of their quality of service and a free trial is always a good way to test this out before making a financial commitment.

At the end of the day, it is not a question of if, but when, VoIP will fully supplant traditional landline business phone systems (some say as early as 2018). Therefore, taking advantage of everything that VoIP telephony has to offer in conjunction with the NBN should be a priority for every small business in Australia, in order to start saving money and increasing productivity at the earliest opportunity.

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