Misconceptions About NBN Support For VoIP on Existing Systems

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shutterstock_197248334The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a Government Business Enterprise set up in 2009 with a mission to deliver an open access broadband network to all Australians. Depending on location and intended purpose, the backbone on which specific services are delivered will include a mix of technologies delivered by a range of broadband suppliers.

The NBN mission implies that the development and implementation of any new broadband technology for the Australian market should fit within the framework laid down by NBN.

Regrettably, the sales tactics employed by some independent suppliers are sometimes in conflict with the NBN mission statement.

In the current marketplace, suppliers offer VoIP solutions to home and business owners, a technology which can reduce the cost of both phone and Internet services. VoIP delivers both voice and multimedia access over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Suppliers of VoIP systems would obviously profit if they can replace a client’s current telephone exchange, frequently fitted with an ISDN card. However, some suppliers lack the integrity to inform clients that VoIP can easily be integrated with an existing PSTN/ISDN system. The only requirement is to insert an inexpensive PSTN and ISDN gateway which sits in between the NBN broadband network and the client’s legacy exchange.

The truth that is concealed from clients is that they do not need to replace their existing PSTN/ISDN equipment. They can keep using their existing phone equipment and still derive the benefits of cheap VoIP calls.

Business and homeowners interested in upgrading their systems to benefit from the reduced call rates a VoIP system provides can contact the NBN and obtain their advice on how their existing system can best be integrated into the framework provided by NBN, or contact a trusted supplier such as Commander.

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