Microsoft’s Tablet Market Share Grows, but Android and Apple Still Dominate Enterprise Use

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While Apple has lost a small amount of ground in terms of enterprise use of its mobile devices across the globe, it remains the dominant player in the space by a significant margin.

According to a recent survey on use of both phones and tablet devices, in the first quarter of 2015, enterprise use of Apple mobile devices slipped one per centage point over the previous quarter, easing to 72 per cent of global enterprise device activations for the period. That per centage point loss was shared across the various Android device manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Xiaomi, which overall grew to 26 per cent of global enterprise device activations.

This data is based on a survey of 6,300 organisations across 189 countries.

Together, Android and iOS share 98 per cent of the enterprise market share, leaving just two per cent for the rest. Microsoft’s Windows Phones is one of these, with one per cent of all activations, though Microsoft no doubt hopes that the impending release of Windows 10 and associated devices will help grow that number.

Some other interesting bits of news to come from the Good Technology’s Mobility Index Report, which provided these numbers:

  • 28 of the top 30 devices came from either Apple or Samsung.
  • It appears that security continues to be a concern with Android devices. The industries that have lower regulatory and legal burdens, such as the high tech sectors and energy sectors, have far higher rates of Android device adoption – close to 50 per cent in some areas.
  •  The most critical apps that enterprises make use of are secure browsing apps – no doubt out of concern for data sensitivity. 21 per cent of all apps deployed by enterprises were secure browsing apps.
  • Even before the release of Windows 10, in the tablet space specifically Microsoft is gaining ground, thanks to the successful launch of recent Surface and Surface Pro tablet devices.
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