LG’s New Smartwatch Gets a Stylish Makeover

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LG will be taking advantage of the upcoming Mobile World Congress to showcase the latest addition to its smartwatch lineup. LG was one of the first, alongside Motorola, to develop an Android based smartwatch, with other major players like Samsung and Sony later following suit.

The electronics company has built on the aesthetic style of last year’s smartwatch offering, but it remains largely similar from a technical perspective to the active models released last year, maintaining a heart rate sensor, 4GB storage, and 512MB RAM.

The new model, officially known as the LG Watch Urbane, is of similar size to its predecessor, the G Watch R. The screen remains a 320 x 320 plastic OLED unit, but the overall profile is slimmer, making use of stainless steel and thinner bezels to complement the changeable leather strap.

It’s no secret that LG is making a play towards the fashion accessory sector rather than the wearable technology sector, with the company stating it is part of a “strategy to develop wearable devices that are worn and viewed as everyday accessories, not electronic gadgets”.

There’s no doubt that the metallic finish, slim profile, and classic leather strap options strike a much more urban pose that will not be out of place in the city or at work. This new direction in styling should see the watch command the market for this emerging smartwatch sector, at least initially.

LG is maintaining its mover advantage by revealing the watch ahead of the Mobile World Congress, and as such, pricing and availability is yet to be announced. It is expected to retail more than a G Watch R, with predictions around the $400-500 mark.

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