How VoIP Saves You Money

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shutterstock_148421216Whether you’re an individual or a business, using VoIP telephony will save you money every time you pick up the phone.

If you’re a home user, you can enjoy great savings on both local and international phone calls, so if you’ve got friends or family overseas, VoIP is the ideal way to stay in touch.

How come it’s so cheap? The reason is simple. VoIP service providers have none of the huge overheads of traditional phone carriers, so their fees are substantially cheaper.

While the major telcos charge consumers for maintaining their massive infrastructure, VoIP calls are made over the internet, so there are no costs to pass on.

The other reason VoIP calls are so cheap, particularly international calls, is because the internet knows no geographical boundaries. Hence, a local call is no different to an international call and is charged accordingly in increments of minutes.

If you’re a business, VoIP telephony will save you even more, Why? Because instead of a major investment in hardware to set up your business phone system, only a minor investment in handsets and possibly a router is required.

Your only other cost is then a monthly fee to a hosted provider. Ongoing maintenance and upgrades are all taken care of by your provider, so IT personnel are no longer required.

You can normally access your system profile online via a user-friendly interface and add or remove phone lines as your business expands or contracts. The savings on setup, maintenance and administration of a business phone system are undeniable and so attractive that around 20% of all SMEs have now switched to VoIP telephony.

And similar to home VoIP, the call costs are significantly cheaper for business as well. A typical VoIP business package with a hosted provider includes extremely low international call rates and often free calls between dedicated numbers within your business network.

Other ways a business can cut costs with VoIP are by taking advantage of the big range of features digital telephony can provide. These include video conferencing, where multiple participants can communicate as if face-to-face, regardless of where they are in the world. This can slash travel expenses for a business overnight, without damaging business relationships.

Call centre businesses can save with VoIP-based telephony by using features such as voice broadcasting to send recorded messages to customers and staff. One voice recording can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously, dramatically reducing the manpower required for any sales campaign or promotion.

So whether you’re a home user wanting to reduce your monthly phone bill or a business trying to cut costs and improve productivity, VoIP telephony is hands-down the best way to make immediate savings and pay less for every single call you make.

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