How to Work from Home with VoIP

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shutterstock_144544808Working from home has advantages for both employees and employers. Employees get to avoid the long daily commute and spend more time with their families, while employers can introduce cost-saving measures such as shared work stations and even downsize on costly office space

Working from home is not for everyone. It will depend on the employee and their level of commitment and self-discipline. It will also depend on the type of work they do and the facilities they have at their disposal to be able to carry out their job remotely.

Thanks to VoIP though, working from home is quite feasible and can work well for both employees and employers. VoIP allows remote workers to stay in touch with the office in a number of different ways and lets employers monitor their progress and ensure targets are being met.

One of the most cost-effective times to set up an employee to work remotely is when the company is transitioning from their old premises-based PBX to a hosted PBX service.

A hosted PBX is one where the hardware is housed offsite at the provider’s premises and all the features and functions of the PBX are provided remotely in the cloud.

A hosted PBX will not only support the company’s on-premise telephony requirements, but also any remote phone, with all the normal PBX features such as voicemail, call transfer and conference calling included.

That means a remote worker can dial into the company network and have access to all the tools necessary to effectively carry out their job, without having to physically be in the office.

And employers and managers can use VoIP to keep their remote workers motivated and in the loop. Teleconferencing and videoconferencing, made possible through VoIP, mean remote workers can still attend meetings and feel part of the team from wherever they are.

Along with instant messaging, emails and collaborative cloud-based tools, there is no reason why an employee cannot work from home and make a similar, if not greater, contribution than they would make while sitting behind a desk in the office.

VoIP setup costs can be easily offset by all the savings a company can make through reduced office space and equipment, higher productivity, improved staff retention rates and less sick days and workers compensation claims. It’s a win-win situation and VoIP makes it all possible.

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