How to Build a Business Brand App

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shutterstock_149032733If your business already has an online presence, your next step is to make it portable and personal with your own smart phone brand application. It can help you engage with your audience on a whole new level, and this article offers some tips on how to build a brand app and what to include in the design.

What is a brand app?

A brand app is a software application that delivers your unique brand message to your target audience on a highly personal level. Whether it’s a tool to make their lives easier or a provider of information or entertainment, a good brand app can become your customer’s constant companion and help to forge a brand relationship with them that no other marketing tool can match.

App design tips

When you sit down with your developer and discuss what you want in your brand app, it would pay to consider the following things:

  • What do you want your app to achieve and how will you know if it has been successful (i.e. do you expect high download rates, increased sales, increased leads through information gathering or just a higher awareness of your brand?).
  • Do you have a good idea for your app? Is it unique, will it fulfil some useful function for the user or is it just a bit of fun?
  • Is it simple? A good app should have one main idea or function and be easy to use and navigate.
  • How will you brand your business in your app? (i.e. through the colours and logo alone or by providing information about your products or even selling them through the app?)
  • What platform will you use? Will you concentrate on iOS, or should it be accessible on Android as well (the cost will probably influence your answer, although multi-platform app development software is available)

Things to keep in mind

If all your design boxes are ticked, then the next step is to have your brand app developed. When you do, make sure you use a reputable developer who knows what they’re doing and ask to see samples of previous work.

Make sure you know what costs you’re in for too, because as well as paying to have the app developed you’re going to have to maintain it as well, updating it regularly to remain relevant to your audience.

And when it’s been developed, make sure you test, test and test it again, because no news will travel faster on social media than news about a bug-infested app that has your brand all over it.

If all checks out, then it’s time to launch. Make sure you promote your new app on all your other media channels and include an incentive for your audience to download it. Once they do, hopefully they’ll be hooked and your brand will have pride of place on their smartphone screen and your new relationship will develop from there.

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