How Mobile-Friendly is Your Business?

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shutterstock_162646028Mobile Internet use is overtaking desktop use at a rapid rate, and businesses that aren’t adapting to the new mobility of consumers may find themselves left behind in the very near future.

Currently more than 20% of consumers use mobile devices to access the Internet, and that number is growing every day, with the average American now spending around two hours and twenty minutes a day on their mobile device.

So how mobile friendly is your business? Do you have a mobile-friendly website yet? What looks good on a desktop PC may be unreadable on a mobile screen, so are you missing out on that 20% of consumers by not catering to their needs?

Search engine criteria are also changing with the advent of voice search features, such as Siri, so are your contact information, directions to your business and commonly asked FAQs geared towards this form of search?

This article provides some tips on how to make your business more mobile-friendly and prepare for the time when mobiles become the device of choice for internet access.

How to make your business more mobile-friendly

  • Create a separate mobile-only website or, if you can’t afford to do that, make your existing website mobile-friendly. This can be achieved by incorporating responsive design, which automatically adjusts the layout and content of the web page to the size of screen it is being viewed on.
  • Use social networking – Create a Facebook page for your business and cultivate a following. Reward those followers with special mobile-only offers and invite discussion and reviews of your products. Become an expert in your industry by writing blogs for your subscribers and forwarding them to their mobiles.
  • Create a mobile app – There are now a billion apps in circulation, and mobiles are all about apps. Create an app that offers something valuable to your customers and use it to brand your business.
  • Offer mobile rewards – Instead of issuing loyalty cards, which people often lose or forget about, offer rewards for mobile users who can claim them simply by showing your mobile app instore.
  • Use text messaging – This is a much more effective mobile marketing tool than email, as a text message is more likely to be read. Make sure it is compelling and to the point, and offers something of value to the recipient.
  • Make a video – Videos are perfect for mobile phones and easy to make with all kinds of software now available online. They can be posted on YouTube or embedded in emails and text messages, and are a much more compelling way to get your message across than plain text.

It’s predicted there will be seven and a half billion mobile phone subscribers globally by the end of this year, so the question is really not can you afford to be mobile-friendly, but rather can your business afford not to be?

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