Energizer Releases New Recycled Batteries

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For a long time now, portable energy experts have consistently suggested – and agreed – that the prospect of manufacturing and selling recycled batteries is not feasible from a performance perspective. It is believed that a recycled battery cannot hold the same power maintenance capabilities as a regular battery, thus rendering it useless or inferior.

However, in a move that is sure to delight environmentalists, battery giant Energizer has announced that its team of internal scientists have been working for seven years on a technology that will not only allow for the use of recycled batteries, but also have no compromising effect on performance levels.

Energizer sources these recycled batteries from countries that have battery recycling programs and facilities, making use of their active ingredients to produce new batteries. This means that less ingredients will need to be produced in the new battery manufacturing process.

The company has already started rolling out and selling batteries with recycled ingredients in the form of its EcoAdvanced series, but the recycled component currently only makes up 4% of the battery. Energizer plans to keep developing this technology and reach a recycled composition component level of 40% per battery by the year 2025.

This is good news for both the environment and battery users, with Energizer’s Global Chief Marketing Officer Michele Atkinson deeming the new recycled batteries their “most powerful” battery yet. This technology could put the myth of power maintenance in recycled batteries to rest forever, and inspire a new generation of batteries.

In a world where the environment continues to suffer as a result of innovation, this is a welcome development, and Energizer’s scientists are committed to its research and development. This is a particularly noteworthy innovation as it could improve the economics of battery production while simultaneously creating a new sector of eco-friendly battery products.

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