Cloud Based Video Conferencing

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shutterstock_127977962Voice and multimedia communication (VoIP) delivered via Internet Protocol (IP) is now one of the most attractive service offering provided by telecom agents who sell voice, wireless, data and cloud services. The attraction of VoIP is the combination of reduced costs without quality degradation.

One particular niche market is audio and visual communication, a market segment in which video conferencing is of particular interest.

An innovative service provider based in Salt Lake City, U.S.A., has launched a partner program that provides VoIP service providers and telecom agents the opportunity to offer solutions in the expanding video conferencing service market. This company is ClearOne, who label themselves as an audio and visual communication solutions provider.

In describing their partner program, we may question whether this is a model that can be implemented in the Australian VoIP market, or if Australian service providers can partner with ClearOne in what is now a worldwide service market.

The ClearOne “Connections Partner Program”

This program is divided into two categories.

White Label Channel Program. Participants in this program can sell and support the ClearOne cloud-based video collaboration services as their own brand product. They claim this service is a more affordable solution for HD video conferencing. The program is particularly well suited to telecom service providers whose focus is to sell services without the obligation to manage operational issues.

Agent Program. This program provides telecom agents solutions for selling local and long distance and Internet connection from different telecom providers. It is suitable for service providers looking to gain an entry the desktop, mobile, and cloud markets.

According to ClearOne, companies with less than 50 employees make up 98% of their client base for cloud-based video conferencing. This is a market segment that spends a considerable amount of money in building up their voice, data and IT services.

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