Awesome VOIP T-Shirts That Will Be The Envy Of Your Colleagues


Awesome VOIP T-Shirts That Will Be The Envy Of Your Colleagues

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When one of your colleagues from the office has some new Italian-made suit that makes them look ‘fashionable’ and ‘sauve’, they may have that over you, but we have a suggestion – a secret weapon, if you will, to use to leverage this dire situation to your advantage. That’s right, you can become the ‘fashionable’ one in the office with these loud and proud VoIP t-shirts. Aren’t they a bit ‘geeky’, you ask? Well, with the unprecedented popularity of geek-filled television programmes and movies a la Big Bang of late, the geek look is ‘so hot right now’. You never know, wear one of these shirts and you may actually have your colleague feeling like they’re the one who needs to go home and change.

Mr Paul Marchand

This VoIP Resource has a range of shirts, many of which feature a play on words perfect for those who want to brighten their colleague’s day with a little humour. As well as shirts which assert the natural importance of VoIP, like ‘VoIP VIP’ and ‘VoIP Power’, they have the classic ‘Got VoIP?’, as well as ‘Can you VoIP me now?’, and our favourite, ‘Use your ‘Indoor’ VoIP’.


Zazzle has a range of gatekeeper-inspired shirts, in honour of the management tool which is popular for H.323 multimedia networks. Get your kids involved in the fun with one of their bite-sized shirts – like the ‘Half Gatekeeper, Half Ninja’ or ‘Trust Me, I’m a Telephone Operator’ prints. You can also pick something up for yourself – ‘Keep Calm and Party With A Gatekeeper’ or ‘World’s Hottest Gatekeeper,’ anyone? If you’re a person of few words though, just go for this telephone image, which says it all.

Cafe Press

There’s so many VoIP shirts to choose from over at Cafe Press, you can get one for every day of the week – and then some. On Monday, knock ‘em dead with the ‘I heart VoIP’ shirt; Tuesday calls for a ‘telecom rocks’ shirt; Wednesday, go for their image of telephone adaptors; on Thursday, this nifty VoIP crossword; and for Friday you can’t go past their ‘ it’s Friday’ print (the clever use of the VoIP User Conference web address is sure to get your co-workers smiling). For good measure, we suggest you also pick up a ‘Say no to POTS’ shirt, to remind people that ‘Plain Old Telephone Systems’ just aren’t cool. While you’re there, you can also pick up a range of other VoIP products, including mugs, tote bags, cocktail plates, laptop skins and much more – so you’ll never be without a VoIP accessory again.

Harbo Arts

The designer of this shirt suggests that early users of VoIP may have had some mix-ups and misunderstandings because of bad audio – hence the idea that ‘VoIP gives me the jitters’. If this, however, does not ring true to you in todays world of crystal clear VoIP calls, you can design your own custom VoIP shirt with Harbo Arts using their simple online design tool. Just pick your style of shirt (polo, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, hoodies, etc) and a very fit man or woman will fill it out so you can visualise yourself in it. Then add your own colour, text or clip art.

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