A Guide to Increasing Internet Speed at Work

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shutterstock_165781631Slow Internet speed means lower productivity, so any improvements you can make to your enterprise broadband and WiFi network will pay off in the long run. The following tips can help you boost your Internet speeds and the efficiency of your office as a result.

Test your current speed

Before you can make your Internet faster, you need to know what speeds you are currently getting so that you have something to compare any adjustments with. There are several online sites where you can run a speed test for your Internet, including and

Virus protection software

Your virus protection software could be slowing your Internet down, and the best way to tell is simply to turn it off and run a second speed test. If your results say that your Internet is faster the second time, look at your virus protection software to see if there are any functions that you may not need to be running.

You could also contact the virus protection software company (i.e. Norton, McAfee etc) to see if they can recommend any solutions. Remember not to have your software turned off any longer than necessary, however, as your network will be unprotected.

External interference

Another possible cause of slow Internet speeds is electronic interference from other nearby devices. Move things such as speakers, printers, modems and routers away from each other as much as possible, and if you have a large device such as a PBX nearby then consider relocating your modem to another part of the office.


Something that may also be slowing your Internet down is your phone and Internet cables. The longer they are, the slower your Internet will run, so consider replacing long cables with shorter ones and old cables with new.

Also, if you are using WiFi within the office and it is running slowly, try plugging your computer(s) directly into the modem via a cable, as this will often help to achieve faster Internet speeds.

Service provider

Finally, if you have tried everything and your Internet is running slower than the speeds promised by your service provider, contact them and ask for help. They may have too much traffic on their network for instance, which can slow your connection down considerably. Many service providers have tools to assist with speed problems, including their own speed test software, but ISPs such as Engin believe a speed test should be completely impartial, so they provide access to a third party test site for their customers instead.

However, at the end of the day if your Internet speeds are consistently slow, you may need to look at investing in newer, faster modems or finding a service provider who can deliver what you need.

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