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Office Gadgets to Liven Up Your Desk

For many people, the office is the place that we spend most of our lives. If we’re going to be sitting at a desk for the majority of the day, why not make some small additions to our workspaces and offices to make them a little more efficient, to add a ...Read more

How Technology is Changing our Eating Habits

Technology has had a profound impact on all facets of our lives, from work, to communication, to fitness and even food and the way we eat. The boundaries are constantly being pushed and new innovations are affecting how we feed ourselves, whether it is lo...Read more

Saving the Planet with Big Data

Big data has been a hot topic in recent years, and the importance of collecting data has certainly come to be understood by most corporations. While data has applications for almost every industry, one area where you may not have considered its uses is in...Read more

How G.Fast Broadband will Change the Industry

Broadband has become a staple in households all over the world and the days of dial up internet are a distant memory. Broadband internet standards are consistently being improved and developed for greater penetration, speed and stability. The latest stand...Read more

The Future of Mobile VoIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) has become one of the most popular modern technologies when it comes to communication at all levels. The rapid increase in global internet penetration has led to a significant rise in popularity of VoIP amongst both consumers and busi...Read more

Microsoft’s Tablet Market Share Grows, but Android and Apple Still Dominate Enterprise Use

While Apple has lost a small amount of ground in terms of enterprise use of its mobile devices across the globe, it remains the dominant player in the space by a significant margin. According to a recent survey on use of both phones and tablet devices, in...Read more

20 Free VoIP Softphones

VoIP Softphones are software applications which, in combination with a speaker/microphone or a headset, can be used to make phone calls over the Internet without a physical phone. All these phones use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, offeri...Read more

Kick-start Your Startup with the Right Pitch

So, you’ve got a killer product and business idea, and the entrepreneurial spirit is running strong within you. Now all you need to do is acquire the capital to make it happen. Unfortunately history is filled with otherwise great ideas that have fal...Read more

Why Gigabit Services Over the NBN Won’t Translate into Gigabit Internet for Consumers

New updates to the NBN infrastructure mean that cable Internet might be delivering faster speeds to Australian users than fibre, but there’s more to the story than that. The government-run NBN co organisation has committed to a SOCSIS3.1 upgrade, which ...Read more

Facebook’s Voice Calls Reach 10 per cent of all Internet Telephony

Facebook is taking the world by storm with its messenger app. Already, according to its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the app accounts for 10 per cent of global Internet phone calls. Considering the incumbent applications like Skype, that’s rapid progress in a ...Read more